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Medical specialty concerned with the care of the acutely ill hospitalized patients.

Medical specialty concerned with the care of the acutely ill hospitalized patients. Dear Patient/Visitor, Welcome to the Vivekanand Hospital (Vivekanand Medical Mission Ltd). We hope your stay here will be pleasant and your recovery will be as speedy as possible. On 27th August 2006 our founder, Dr. Shiba Nandan Pati started VH with 26 beds in a small building, and now VH has been grow both in numbers and services rendered to the people. Today, VH serves over 80 inpatients and 100 outpatients daily, with 5 wards, 10 clinics each day and 16 departments/units & 3 diagnostic centers apart from Bhubaneswar. We are strategically located & well communicated by road with availability of public transport round the clock. Our friendly staff will do their best to help. Our healthcare team will work with you to ensure that your care plan reflecting your medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We hope your stay with us matches the key attributes that have become our promise: “Caring Hand,Healing Touch”.


Out Patient Care

Provides expert consultation with specialist and super specialist of all departments.

Diagnostic & Lab Services

Provides quality and Standardized report for verious tests in radiology,Cardiology,
neurology,Gastrology,enterlogy and Laboratory services.

Specialized Clinic

Provides care and treatment for chronic long standing diseases with experienced and qualified clinicians.

Emergancy Trauma & Critical Care

Time is life . Avail world class emergency and trauma care by highly professional doctor and paramedical team ready to serve you round the clock.

VH Health ChekUp

The importance of preventive health check up cannot be emphasized beyond the age old adage "prevention is better than cure" . Vivekanand Hospital is thus committed to the cause of preventive health through its comprehensive health check up packages.

Hospital At your Door Step

Hospital at your door Step promoted under the banner of VH Galaxy is an initiave to provide domiciliary health care at your home which includes laboratory tests, EEG and ECG,IV fluid And injection and Doctor on Call

Our Department

We have department of NeuroScience, Renal Science, General Surgery, Onco Science etc.


Department of NeuroScience


Department of Kidney care


General Laparoscopic Surgery


Department Onco Science


Department Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

obstric gynaecology.jpg

Department of Obstretic & Gynecology


Department of Emergency and Trauma Care


Department of Pediatric Neonatology


Department of Opthalmalogy


Department of ICU and Critical Care


Department of ENT surgery


Department of Ledger Surgery

Our Experts


Debabrata sabat (UROLOGY)


Dr. Bhagarathi Kar (MEDICINE)


Dr. Ritesh Kumar Bhoot (Neuro Surgery)


Dr Kumar Gaurav (Cardiology)


Dr. Mrutuynjay Das (Surgery)


Dr. Sankarshan Das (Medicine)


Dr. Satyabrata Dash (ENT)


Dr. Sitikanta nanda (Medicine)


Dr. Suresh Pradhan (Pathology)


Dr. Vikas Agrawal (ORTHOPEDIC)


Dr. Snehal Bisi (O&G)


Dr. Saroj Sahu (Anaesthesiology)

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Our Testimonials

Peaceful Behaviour

The amazing devotion of your nurses and staff was the biggest contribution in facilitating my speedy recovery. The expertise of your professionals, combined with genuine warmth and a cheerful attitude, made my stay here an extremely positive experience.

Rashmikanta Jena -Patient

Honest & Dependable

My experience at Vivekanand Hospital was superior and well above medical treatment standards. The physicians, nurses and staff successfully eradicated (my disease) with unbelievable care and compassion. Their attention to ensuring my well-being was."

Sabyasachi Badajena-Patient

Licensed & Insured

From the time I arrived by ambulance to the time I left, the care and attention I received from the doctors, on down the line, was excellent. Let me say, due to the excellent care that the ICU/CCU staff provided, that you turned my nightmare into a promising."

Pradyumna Kishore Ray -Patient